About Us

Welcome to the star register online.

As one of the largest online registers of commercial star names, we take pride in being a thoughtful novelty gift company with a 5* service, providing a long-lasting and sentimental gift to be enjoyed for many years.

Star Registries have been around since the 70’s and as our registry of stars is totally independent of NASA, the ESA and the IAU we can offer anyone the opportunity to name and dedicate a star for themselves or a loved one.

A Celestial object may be impossible to own; however, having a viewable star forever dedicated to you, a loved one or even a special event can mean the absolute world.

With over 100,000 stars named within our public registry, and even more still available to be named, the online register ensures that no star within registry is named twice and no matter the situation, the registry will be available and all registered stars viewable for many years to come.

Got any questions? Why not check out our FAQs and if your still not finding what you’re looking for drop a message into our customer service.