FAQ - Frequenty Asked Questions

What is www.star-register.org

Star Register.org is one of the worlds largest and most recognised official database of stars viewable from anywhere one earth. With one of the largest star databases available and a commitment to providing a 5* service and experience for our customer’s and visitors, have a look at our ‘About Us’ page to find out a bit more about us and our team.

What is the Right Ascension (RA) or Declination DEC?

RA stands for the Right Ascension and DEC is for the Declination. Together, these two forms the Astronomically Verified Position or Co-ordinates of your star in the Night Sky.

What does the Magnitude mean?

The Maginutde is the measure of brightness of a celestial object, and the lower the magnitude, the brighter the object appears.

Why doesn’t my reference or unique star code work? / Why can’t I find my star on the online register?

There are a few reasons as to why you may be having issues locating your star’s entry to the register.

Please ensure you are search with the unique star code entered exactly as it appears on your deed (usually 7-9 digits in length). If your star code doesn’t appear to be working with the online register, please do double check your star’s documentation. Only Stars that have been registered with us at, Star Name Registry will be locatable on the Star Register.

Are stars ever renamed? (How do I know my star is unique?)

Never! We guarantee we will never rename a star that is currently registered on the online register.

Why not have a read of our terms of service to find out more about our policy

What sources do you use to map my star?

The Hipparcos and Tycho catalogues

How do you get the ‘view’ images of my star?

The main image you see when viewing your star through the online register is supported by GoogleSky. However, as you can see in the top left you can also see a NASA SkyView and ESO Archive supported image of your star.

How many stars are named?

Over 100,000 stars are currently registered within the Online Register.

How many stars can be named?

Currently there are over 2 million stars within the database for the online register, and 100,000 have currently assigned names.

How long will a star name last? 

The Online Register runs independently from any other site and is backed up in several servers located around the globe, meaning no matter what, the register and star names within should always be accessible.

How do I search for my star?

To locate a star’s entry onto the online register, this is done by inputting and searching on the register using the unique star code. This will then take you to the star’s entry to the online register.

What does a unique star code look like?

Your unique Star code is a collection of 7-9 numbers found alongside the constellation on a Star Name Deed.

Can I view a star that hasn’t been registered with you?

No. You can only view stars that are registered within our database.. Stars named with any other registries will not be viewable with www.star-register.org

How do I ‘view’ my star?

After searching your star’s entry to the register, beside all the details of the star is the option to ‘view’ your star. Select this and be taken to a GoogleSky supported image of your star!

Is this ‘Official’?

Star Register is an official private database, however the only institution that can assign a star a scientific name is the IAU (International Astronomic Union) who will only do so for the purposes of science and so will not name a star after a person or by request in most cases.

Is my star visible to the naked eye?

Due to a range of environmental factors out of our control, we are unable to guarantee that any of our stars will always be visible to the naked eye. However, we can guarantee all our stars are visible with the use of a telescope and through the online register.

Can I see my star with a telescope?

Definitely! We provide the Astronomically Verified Position of your star to ensure that you can find your star through a telescope or alternative sky viewing platform.

I want to name a star

Great, if you’d like to visit our Star Name Registry website, through here you can have a look and choose from our various star packages.

What type of star names are there on star-register.org?

There’s almost every type of star name you can imagine! We like to ensure that whatever your reason for naming a star, you can name one accordingly.

As we like our register to be viewable to all, the only things we won’t allow in our star names in profanity, offensive language and/or trademarks.

Can I change a star’s name on the online register?

Once a star has been added to the online register, we can’t rename this star, however if you’d like to get in touch with our Customer Support team, they can discuss with your options going forward and will help in anyway they can.

I would like to talk to someone about my star

That’s not a problem at all, we have several ways for you to get in touch with our team and so if you’d like to visit our contact page, an adviser will be happy to help and get this sorted for you!